for young tech founders BY tech founders

like a music production to a band, StudioAlpha is a founders FUND that invests in early stage startups and works with them to grow fast. 



In the last 25 years, we have founded 20 tech companies, six of which we have sold. StudioAlpha is what we missed when we were young founders: A network of global investors that used to be founders themselves to help you build a high-margin, fast-growing tech company from scratch in global markets.


play in san francisco, singapore

In our concise 100-day  production-program, we collaborate intimately with founder teams, equipping them for the forthcoming entrepreneurial adventure. Biannually, participants present their product and market fit to venture capital investors from our San Francisco and Singapore network.



Studio Alpha team 

The StudioAlpha team has been knowing each other for more than 20 years:

  • Stefan Arn, former CIO UBS, founder & former CEO Adnovum
  • Dr. Andrey Vckovski, founder & former CEO Netcetera
  • Fabian Hediger, founder & former CEO Beecom and Worldwebforum
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Ziltener, founder Beecom and Worldwebforum
  • Lukas Rüfenacht, founder DELUK, art director Beecom

We are looking for investors that support our mission.

many USA investors are former founders

In the US, more than 70% of VCs were founders and built companies before becoming investors. In Europe, the figure is less than 30%. 

For young companies we believe it makes sense to work with investors who have a track record as entrepreneurs. They have a good understanding of what you are going through and can coach you empathetically based on their founder’s experience . 

startup accelerator - compare europe and usa

Image. Proportion of former founders among VC in %

“Go where the money is”

Prior to COVID, 5x more venture capital was invested in the US than in Europe. Although Europe has 1/3 more population both regions fund about a similar amount of startups. 

Nevertheless, this comparison is inadequate. While the U.S. is a unified market where one language is spoken and you operate in a unified jurisdiction, this is not the case in the 47 nations of Europe especially not from the investor’s perspective (47 tax regulations). Thus, Germany, the largest single market in Europe, is 26 times smaller than the USA.. 

startup accelerator - compare europe, germany and usa

Image. Venture capital investments by region, in bn $

The chance of startups thriving in global markets is significantly higher in the US and South East Asia than in Europe.