In the world of music, a raw talent meets the right producer to drop iconic tracks. Similarly, at StudioAlpha’s accelerator, we’re here to lay down the beats for your startup’s journey. Our sprints, designed with precision, elevate your strategy, mentorship, and insights.

Dive into this structured voyage, as we transform ideas into actionable blueprints, and dreams into investable ventures. Welcome to the genesis of your startup’s amplified trajectory.


Mission Sprint

Step into the studio and meet your crew. Set goals, get familiar with our dope tools, and uncover the entrepreneurial groove. Prep for the first sprints and chill at our exclusive evening events. Let’s jam live in Zurich!



Individual sessions with coaches, presentations, tools & goals introduction. Fixed slots with guest speakers, Q&A, and interactive discussions remote.


live Sprint

Weekend deep-dive into cases, expert talks, and team bonding with sun, fun, and fondue live in the Swiss mountains in Laax.



Continuation of one-on-one tailored sessions conducted remotely, integrating guest’s insights, tools, and goals. Concludes with a fixed time for expert dialogue and cross-case deliberation.


Art of pitching

Master the art of pitching with expert guidance. remote Sessions include guest speakers, Q&A, and breakout pitch prep for the last time remotely.


demo Day live

Finally, hit the stage in San Francisco or Singapore! After intensive training and 5 pitch iterations face2face, showcase your hard work and passion to potential investors. The spotlight’s on you!

  1. If the StudioAlpha partners are convinced of your problem-solution fit and your team, studioalpha will invest up to USD 20,000 in your startup so that the founders can fully concentrate on their product and the market while they are in the studio.
  2. During the 100-days production we invite speakers from our network to talk remotely or live about their entrepreneurial experiences.
  3. StudioAlpha organizes regular virtual meetings for all startups that are in production at the same time. In these peer group meetings, the teams are supposed to exchange experiences, ask and answer questions or give each other advice.
  4. During and after the 100-days program, we arrange necessary contacts from our network individually for each startup team.
  5. Twice a year, a demo day is held in San Francisco or Singapore, where startups pitch their product-market fit to U.S.-based or SEA investors.
  6. After the completion of production and successful private equity financing after the Demo Day, StudioAlpha will mentor and support the startups for as long as they need it. For this, we continue to rely on our network.

Studio Alpha Network

Rooted in our Worldwebforum legacy, StudioAlpha taps into a powerful network of tech visionaries and global trailblazers. Our history translates into your startup’s future success.